Abaqus / Isight / fe-safe / Tosca 2018

Abaqus Isight fe-safe Tosca – release 2018 available

Abaqus 2018 most significant new capabilities and enhancements

Abaqus/CAE usability

  • Improved bolt loading usability
  • Support for unsorted node sets in Abaqus/CAE
  • Longer job names allowed in Abaqus/CAE

Analysis procedures and techniques

  • Hybrid CPU-GPU modal frequency response solver performance and scaling improvements
  • Energy computation in a frequency extraction procedure
  • SPH inlet and outlet boundary conditions
  • Import from multiple previous analyses
  • Enhancements to progressive element activation


  • Enhancements to multiscale material modeling
  • Enhancements to user-defined thermal material modeling


  • Enhancement for using continuum solid shell elements with user-defined orientations
  • Three-dimensional coupled temperature-displacement gasket elements


  • Dynamically applied feature edge criteria

User subroutines

  • User subroutine for defining internal heat generation
  • User subroutine for defining thermal material behavior


  • Flexible body generation enhancements
  • Substructure recovery utility

Output and visualization

  • Support for view cut–based free bodies for composites

Isight 2018 most significant new capabilities and enhancements

New Capabilities

  • A new Optimization technique called “Adaptive DOE” is now available.
  • A new DOE technique called “Adaptive DOE” is now available.
  • A new visual called Bubble Graph is now available.
  • You can now configure a component to expose an error code indicating success or failure of component execution, instead of having the component execution marked “failed”.

Enhanced Functionality

  • Approximation Error Analysis graphs, representing “Response Fit” and “Residual”, now display the error information for the point under mouse hover.
  • Jython scripts are now executed using the Jython 2.7.0 scripting engine.
  • The SIMULIA Execution Engine now supports Oracle 12c database.

Tosca 2018 most significant new capabilities and enhancements

New Capabilities

  • Enhancement for restricting design nodes against a surface

Enhanced Functionality

  • Enhanced unified Abaqus execution within SIMULIA Tosca Structure workflow.
  • Improved documentation of using SIMULIA Tosca Structure topology optimization with non-linear analysis
  • Improved SIMULIA Tosca Structure driver to support all workflows.
  • Supported solver interfaces
    • Abaqus2018
    • MSC Nastran® 2016
  • Supported life solver interfaces
    • fe-safe2018

How to obtain Abaqus 2018?

Go to 3ds.com/support (1) and click on download (2).

Abaqus 2018 download step 1

Click on Access your download (1)

Abaqus 2018 download step 2

Login with your 3DS passport

Click on SIMULIA (1)

Abaqus 2018 download step 3

Click on SIMULIA Abaqus, Isight, fe-safe, Tosca (1)

Abaqus 2018 download step 4

Select Abaqus 2018 Golden (1) or in the future the required hot fix.

Abaqus 2018 download step 5

Select the files you want to download.

Please let us know if you prefer a DVD instead of a download.

SIMULIA products installation

If you need help to install Abaqus 2018 or a hot fix, you can find the old installation movies of Abaqus 2017 here.

Abaqus 2017 installation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuGS83ENGyI

Hot fix installation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6BV_ps2J4o