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Abaqus contact modeling

The world is nonlinear: 8 benefits of using Abaqus

Benefit 2: Contact Modeling

In real-world applications, very complex contact scenarios can develop when large assemblies are considered. Abaqus is by far considered one of the best FEA codes at handling all forms of contact. Contact can be modeled by defining contact pairs, or by using general contact, a highly automated contact definition.
Furthermore, Abaqus does not require the user to set a multitude of contact parameters for convergence. Abaqus automatically sets internal controls for its parameters such that a converged surface contact result occurs during the solver run. The FEA user thus has high confidence that the contact convergence actually works consistently.
Abaqus has a good track record of solving contact problems accurately. In addition to this, Abaqus development keeps on improving the algorithm for better accuracy and performance.

Abaqus benefits

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Abaqus Benefit 2: Abaqus contact modeling
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