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Download Abaqus for free

This post explain how to download Abaqus for free and how to create an Academic passport on the 3DS Academy to have access to the training material.

There is an Abaqus Student Edition that is available for personal and educational use free of charge to students, educators, and researchers. The Abaqus Student Edition supports structural models up to 1000 nodes and it is available only on Windows. Together with the documentation, this is the perfect way to learn Abaqus with no associated cost.

This gives you the opportunity to have access to the most advanced finite element analysis tool free of charge, so you can learn or improve your skills in this field using Abaqus.

Download Abaqus for students, researchers or educators

To download Abaqus:


How to create an Academic Passport on 3DS Academy.

  1. Go to 3DSAcademy Peer Learning
  2. You can select any course. Click on Take Course 
  3. Then click on Start Course
  4. A window will pop-up with the sign-in dialog. Select Sign up. Enter you name as it appears on your Student ID. Enter also your school email, select a password and the country. Finally, click on Create Account.
  5. Now it ask for your profile, are you an student or teacher?
  6. Fill the school name, website and physical address of your school and click Next
  7. You need to upload a picture from you school ID. If you don’t have a school ID, upload a picture and the 3DS Academy team will verify your academic status manually.
  8. Once the picture is uploaded, you can click Confirm


Download Abaqus for non-affiliates with an academic institution

If you are not affiliated with an academic institution, you can also have access to Abaqus Student Edition.


More information

For academics in the Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Spain or Portugal region: if you need more information how to download Abaqus for free and how to create an Academic passport on the 3DS Academy, do not hesitate to contact us or write us an email to