Abaqus skin technique

Results extrapolation In producing a line- or banded-type contour plot of an element-based field output variable, such as stress or strain, Abaqus/Viewer (or any other post-processor) extrapolates the output variable from the integration points of each element to the nodes of each element. A conditional averaging process is used at each node to account [...]

Abaqus results averaging

Results averaging Elements in Abaqus have integration points for which stress, strain and other element variables are calculated. To visualize these results in contour plots in Abaqus/Viewer, the data needs to be extrapolated to the element nodes via so-called computations. This post describes the difference between the GUI options Compute scalars before averaging and [...]

Abaqus / Isight / fe-safe / Tosca 2018

Abaqus Isight fe-safe Tosca - release 2018 available Abaqus 2018 most significant new capabilities and enhancements Abaqus/CAE usability Improved bolt loading usability Support for unsorted node sets in Abaqus/CAE Longer job names allowed in Abaqus/CAE Analysis procedures and techniques Hybrid CPU-GPU modal frequency response solver performance and scaling improvements Energy computation in a frequency [...]

Abaqus goes to the cloud

Abaqus goes to the cloud Recently, Dassault Systèmes released their first version to execute Abaqus simulations in the cloud. This blog introduces Abaqus cloud computations and the current possibilities. On-Premise Abaqus solver simulations The customer must define the future simulation needs and based on these requirements, a certain license configuration will be bought/leased. The [...]

XFlow CFD 2017x new release

XFlow - release 2017x available High fidelity CFD based on Lattice-Boltzmann Method Below you can find a summary of the new features available for XFLOW. Co-simulations with Abaqus XFlow and Abaqus co-simulations for advanced Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) analysis: Mutual exchange of information automatically performed by the Co-simulation Engine The co-simulation interface region is [...]

Online documentation SIMULIA Abaqus

Online documentation for the SIMULIA products (Abaqus, Isight, Tosca, fe-safe) When using the Abaqus 2017 (or future releases) documentation installed on your local machine, you will notice that the documentation platform is changed to the standard Dassault Systemès documentation platform. 4RealSim recommends to use the online documentation made available by Dassault Systemès since the 2016 [...]