Abaqus QA report generator

//Abaqus QA report generator

Abaqus QA report generator

Abaqus QA report generator

As a consultancy company, 4RealSim experienced the challenge to review generated simulation models and their corresponding features. In the past year, we have developed a solution integrated in Abaqus/CAE that creates a Microsoft Word report from the various Abaqus/CAE features in your simulation model with a single click. The word report contains an extensive overview of the features. This facilitates the simulation model review process, and helps identifying modelling errors.

The Abaqus QA report generator is developed initially for the aerospace industry and supports geometry, mesh, materials, steps, interactions, constraints, connectors, loads, boundary conditions, predefined fields and fasteners features.

We have released a first version of the Abaqus QA report generator, and Abaqus users can contact us to create a report from their sample Abaqus/CAE simulation model. Afterwards it is possible to purchase the solution.

We have created a sample CAE model, and the corresponding Microsoft Word report. In the youtube video, a live demo demonstrates the simple but powerful solution.


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