Composite FEA Seminar

20 March, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 2:30 pm
Groene Dijk 2
3401 NJ IJsselstein
Países Bajos

Nonlinear FEA for the Composite industry

4RealSim welcomes you to attend a free seminar Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis Abaqus for the composite industry.


Composite materials have an important role in modern structural design. To effectively design and analyze such structures, and to ensure performance and reliability, companies are finding a need to evolve their analysis methods to include more fidelity in their models. Abaqus provides a wide range of innovative modeling and analysis techniques to address the unique challenges posed by composite materials.
This seminar will review the various capabilities within Abaqus for the modelling of composite materials. Various applications are shown during the event, toghether with demonstrations.

Intended for

  • New users who want to explore Abaqus for FEA engineering simulation with focus on composite materials as well as networking with other FEA users from the industry.
  • Abaqus users who want to develop their skill in particular how to deal with composite materials as well as networking with other FEA users from the industry.

Topics covered during the seminar

Linear and nonlinear static and dynamic analysis of composites
Composite pre- and post-processing
Draping of composites
Crack initiation and propagation, VCCT and XFEM
Damage modeling
Cohesive elements and contact for delamination
Composites crush and ballistic impact
Bird strike and reentry vehicle splash-down simulation
High performance parallel solvers

Seminar presenters

The seminar will be presented by experienced 4RealSim engineers. Content will include:

  • Presentation and case studies
  • Examples/live demos
  • Discussion and networking


Registration at is required.