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Techwebinar: benefits of general contact with Abaqus

12 September, 2019 @ 4:00 pm - 4:45 pm

Webinar General Contact

Defining contact is essential in the simulation model to have interaction between parts and/or with the part itself.
Abaqus provides more than one approach for defining contact. Contact can be defined in Abaqus/Standard via general contact, contact pairs and contact elements. In Abaqus/Explicit contact can be defined via general contact and contact pairs. Each approach has unique advantages and limitations.
During this online techwebinar, intended for 4RealSim software customers, the concept of general contact is introduced, the benefits are discussed and the procedures to define general contact are demonstrated.

General contact: very efficient way to define contact

General Contact allows users to define contact between all or multiple areas of the simulation model. These are all defined as a single contact definition assuming anything can hit anything. This definition is described in the illustration below (right) where there is one contact domain.
Without General contact, the user would need to define multiple contact pairs between all possible parts or zones that could come into contact as shown in the picture (left).

Learn more about General contact

During the technical webinar, general contact will be introduced and compared with contact pairs.
Furthermore the advantages and limitations of general contact will be discussed.

General contact demonstration

During the webinar, a short demo will be given to show how you can activate general contact in Abaqus/CAE and in the input file.

Who should attend this event?

4RealSim Abaqus customers

Type of event

Technical online webinar


12 September, 2019
4:00 pm - 4:45 pm