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Techwebinar: how to perform submodeling with Abaqus?

5 December, 2019 @ 4:00 pm - 4:45 pm

submodeling abaqus techwebinar

The submodeling technique in Abaqus is used to study a local part of a model with a refined mesh based on interpolation of the solution from an initial (undeformed), relatively coarse, global model.
During this online techwebinar, intended for 4RealSim software customers, the submodeling technique is introduced, the benefits are discussed and demonstrated.

Investigate a local part with a refined mesh

Submodeling can be applied quite generally in Abaqus. The material response defined for the submodel may be different from that defined for the global model. Both the global model and the submodel can have nonlinear response.

Submodeling techniques

Submodeling is classified first according to which of two basic techniques is used. The most common, and more general technique, is node-based submodeling, which uses a nodal results field (including displacement, temperature, or pressure degrees of freedom) to interpolate global model results onto the submodel nodes. The alternative surface-based technique uses the stress field to interpolate global model results onto the submodel integration points on the driven element-based surface facets.

Node-based submodeling

Node-based submodeling is the more general technique, supporting a variety of element type combinations and procedures in both Abaqus/Explicit and Abaqus/Standard.

Surface-based submodeling

Surface-based submodeling is provided as a complement to the node-based technique, enabling you to drive the submodel with stresses from the global model.

Who should attend this event?

4RealSim Abaqus customers

Type of event

Technical online webinar


5 December, 2019
4:00 pm - 4:45 pm