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Webinar – Hydrogen embrittlement – a serious challenge for energy companies

23 April, 2020 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Hydrogen Embrittlement

Hydrogen embrittlement

Hydrogen embrittlement (also called hydrogen assisted cracking or hydrogen-induced cracking) describes the embrittling of metal after being exposed to hydrogen. Due to hydrogen embrittlement, structures can suffer from a loss of ductility, strength and/or toughness. This phenomenon can pose a risk to the sustainability of oil and gas structures, gearboxes and anchors of offshore wind turbines or steel architectural constructions. Although it is causing a serious treat for steel structures, hydrogen embrittlement remains a complex process that is not completely understood because of the variety and complexity of mechanisms. Numerical methods can help investigating different theories and compare obtained results with experimental data.

Numerical method to assess hydrogen embrittlement

During our webinar we present a numerical model developed by 4RealSim to simulate the hydrogen driven material degradation and crack propagation in steel structures.

Virtual assessment of hydrogen embrittlement

The developed approach is employed to conduct virtually the NACE Standard Double-Cantilever-Beam Test (NACE TM0177 Method D standard) while its applicability is evaluated.
Furthermore the methodology can be used as a future “lab-tool” for virtual testing of industrial structures.

Intended for?

Engineers facing hydrogen embrittlement, looking for a reliable numerical partner

Type of event

Online webinar


From 14.00 till 15.00 (CET)


23 April, 2020
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm