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Webtraining – Bolt modeling strategies with Abaqus

12 Jan, 2023 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am

During this webtraining 4RealSim will introduce various ways to model bolts with Abaqus. Depending on the goal of the simulation, the bolts can be modeled in a simple way or with full details.
4RealSim believes in continuous Abaqus learning and regularly organizes webtrainings for our customers. Join our webinar and learn more about Abaqus, get more confident in the usage and become more efficient!

Bolt simulations in Abaqus

Abaqus has various ways to connect 2 parts to each other via bolts. The selected bolt method has an influence on the accuracy, simulation time and pre-processing time.

Bolts modeled with continuum elements>

Bolts can be included as solid entities, and the bolt force can be applied with the boltload definition available in Abaqus. This technique is used for investigation of contact interaction of the bolt with the surrounding parts.
When bolts are overloaded, the gradual failure of the bolt can be simulated.
A drawback of using continuum elements is that a local mesh refinement might be needed.

Bolts modeled with fasteners

Simulations with a large amount of bolts or rivets can use the fastener technique. With this technique the bolts are modeled as a beam element. However detailed behavior can be included (like elastic, plastic, failure, bolt pre-tensioning, …).

Who can attend the 4RealSim Abaqus webtraining?

This 4RealSim webtraining is intended for our Abaqus customers.


12 Jan, 2023
10:00 am - 11:00 am


Online via webinar