Offshore industry requires realistic finite element simulation

The Abaqus Unified FEA product suite from SIMULIA provides realistic simulation solutions for the offshore industry that allow you to accurately predict structural strength and deformations in the large displacement nonlinear regime. Abaqus pre- and postprocessing technology coupled with its sophisticated solvers provides a complete and reliable solution for offshore structural analysis. Static, modal and dynamic analyses can be performed using a wide range of material models under different loading, boundary and contact conditions. You may simultaneously include loads due to fluid currents with wave and wind loading and you can compute detailed time-dependent responses for floating and non-floating offshore structures.
The offshore industry involves drilling equipment, casings, and connections. The designers need to make sure that the equipment performs reliably and safely under loads that can often be severe. Abaqus Unified FEA has sophisticated features to take into account the various loading scenarios that the equipment can be subjected to, such as high temperature, pressure, and loading due to impact with other structures. SIMULIA’s Isight product allows optimization of not only individual components but also allows optimization of subsystems and assemblies.

References in the offshore industry

Below you can find customer references for the offshore industry.

Abaqus at ExxonMobil (US)

SIMULIA worked closely with Exxon to develop state-of-the-art general-purpose material models, finite-element technology, and computational procedures including fluid dynamics (CFD) and particle flow dynamics (PFD)—aimed at identifying solutions that could be applied in the field.
This collaborative effort between ExxonMobil and SIMULIA led to fundamental enhancements to the power of simulation to address key drilling, completion and production challenges. SIMULIA’s advanced simulation technologies and 3D visualization are playing an increasingly vital role in the success.

Isight at Nabtesco (Japan)

Abaqus allowed the engineers at Nabtesco to maximize gear contact area, while minimizing average stress contact resulting in a significantly more durable gear design leading to decreased maintenance and cost without requiring numerous physical experiments. With the help of Isight, design time was reduced drastically.

4RealSim Consultancy

Our team is active in iceberg gouging, expendables, pipe-soil interaction, seals and other simulations of the offshore industry.

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