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Abaqus PowerPoint Plugin

The Abaqus PowerPoint Plugin developed by 4RealSim allows the user to create a PowerPoint report from within SIMULIA Abaqus/CAE and SIMULIA Abaqus/Viewer. In a simple way the user can make a new slide in PowerPoint from their current view in the viewport of Abaqus/CAE or Abaqus/Viewer.

What can you find in the Abaqus PowerPoint Plugin?

Within the Abaqus PowerPoint Plugin for SIMULIA Abaqus/CAE the user can control the following settings of the PowerPoint slide:

  • Selection/Definition of the PowerPoint file in which the user wants to add a slide
  • Selection/Definition of the PowerPoint filename which will containt the new slide
  • Definition of the PowerPoint slide title
  • Activation box whether the PowerPoint slide should contain a picture obtained from the Abaqus/CAE viewport
  • Definition of the position and size of the picture obtained from the Abaqus/CAE viewport
  • Activation box whether the PowerPoint slide should contain a text box
  • Definition of the text of the textbox

Abaqus PowerPoint Plugin requirements

The plugin has been developed for the latest version of abaqus and Microsoft PowerPoint including:

  • Abaqus 6.13 and 6.14.
  •  Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, 2010 and 2013.

Abaqus PowerPoint Plugin also in Python script

The PowerPoint Plugin is written in Python so it can be added in your Abaqus Python script to automatically create PowerPoint reports. This makes easy the way you extract the results of your analysis, saving time and effort.

Are you interested in the Abaqus PowerPoint Plugin?

4RealSim provides the plugin for free to their customers. If you are not yet a customer. you can get the plugin sending an email to sales@4realsim.com or to our contact page. We will give with all the information about it.

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