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Finite Element consultancy

With our strong mechanical and technical knowledge, we provide high-quality finite element consultancy to help you being more competitive. Our professionals work closely with you identifying and implementing the right solution. Flexibility and non-disclosure of confidential information are key components of our way of working.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Consultancy

We perform basic-to-advanced simulation consulting work for a variety of applications and industries. We can engage in finite element consultancy contracts and work with you to deliver simulation-driven solutions to your engineering problem. This ranges from unique and one-time analysis jobs to on- and off-site contracted services.

Customization & Software Extensions

Our finite element consultancy team can work with you to provide a custom interface and analysis definition to set-up and solve regularly encountered problems. Enhanced pre-processing through GUI customization can save expensive engineer’s time and analysis robustness and consistency can be achieved by customized analysis definitions.

In situations where your analysis requirements exceed the built-in capabilities of Abaqus, we work together with you to develop extensions that help you to reach your goals.

Optimization & Process Automation

Our finite element consultancy team can help implementing Isight in your simulation infrastructure and couple software codes regardless the discipline, programming language or format.

You will be able to easily execute simulation-based design processes including commercial CAD/CAE programs, in-house developed software and for example Excel spreadsheets.

Using Isight we can automate the exploration of design alternatives and indentify optimal performance parameters. Design of Experiments, Optimization and Design for Six Sigma are advanced techniques available for this.

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