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SIMULIA Support (Abaqus, Isight, Tosca, fe-safe, Simpack)

SIMULIA support is crucial to become succesful with the Abaqus, Isight, Tosca, fe-safe and Simpack solution. 4RealSim recommends to use the different support options on a dialy base. Below an overview is given of the different possibilities to obtain support for the SIMULIA products (Abaqus, Isight, fe-safe, Tosca and Simpack).

Dassault Systèmes Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base gives access to thousands of SIMULIA articles and is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A DS passport is required to access the database.
Go to the Knowledge Base

4RealSim Support

The 4RealSim support team is available for any kind of SIMULIA support (installation, usage, …)

Direct contact with 4RealSim support
Phone front desk: +31 30 260 0593

SIMULIA Learning Community on swYm

Dassault Systèmes is using more and more their on-line collaboration platform swYm to communicate with their customers. There is one community dedicated to SIMULIA users. In this community you can find free training material, webinars, the Abaqus manuals, tutorials, the latest features and many more topics. A DS passport is required to access the database.
Go to the SIMULIA Learning Community

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Modeling Elastomers with Abaqus
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