SIMULIA Tosca 2019 4RealSim

Tosca 2019 available

This post provides an overview of the new key features of Tosca 2019 and the procedure to download/install the new Tosca 2019.

Dassault Systemes released the SIMULIA 2019 products (Abaqus, Isight, Tosca, fe-safe, Simpack and XFlow). If you are interested in the key features of the other SIMULIA products, these are explained in other post as Abaqus 2019, Isight 2019 or fe-safe 2019

Tosca 2019 key features

  • New Functionality
    • Sensitivity-based shape optimization with Abaqus sensitivities now supports
      • Non-linear static analysis (NLGEOM=YES, *PLASTIC, …)
      • Stress constraints
      • Reaction force constraints, even on *COUPLING elements
      • 2D and 3D elements
      • Abaqus execution in MPI-mode
      • Better performance, especially for stress constraints
    • Sensitivity-based shape optimization now supports following manufacturing constraints
      • Plane symmetry for non-symmetric meshes (see SURF_PLANE_SYM)
      • Cyclic symmetry for non-symmetric meshes (see SURF_CYCLIC_ROTATIONAL_SYM)
      • Cyclic-plane symmetry combination (see SURF_CYCLIC_PLANE_SYM)
      • Coupling as stampable surface (see SURF_STAMP)
      • Coupling as demoldable surface (see SURF_DEMOLD)
    • Easy shape optimization control of adjacent surfaces
    • Smooth transition into shape optimization design area
  • Enhanced Functionality
    • New implementation of the internal sensitivity based optimizer, Convex Separable Approximation (CSA)
    • Enhanced topology optimization sensitivity filtering
    • MSC Nastran® I8-mode fully supported

Download Tosca 2019

Execute the procedure below to download Tosca 2019. Send an email to if you don’t have access to the download section or Tosca 2019.

Step 1:

Go to (1)
Click on download (2)

SIMULIA Tosca 2019 4RealSim

Step 2:

Click on Access your Download (1)

SIMULIA Tosca 2019 4RealSim

Step 3:

Log in
Select SIMULIA (1)
Select SIMULIA Abaqus, Isight, fe-safe, Tosca (2)

SIMULIA Tosca 2019 4RealSim

Step 4:

Select the Abaqus 2019 release and the level (either GA or hot fix) (1 and 2)

SIMULIA Tosca 2019 4RealSim

Tosca 2019 installation

The complete Tosca 2019 installation procedure (together with fe-safe, Isight and Abaqus) is shown in the youtube video below.

First, the 5 downloaded files (with the name 2019.AM_SIM_Abaqus_Extend.AllOS.x-5.tar) need to be extracted into a single directory. This can be done by selecting the 5 files, right click on them and extract them to a specific location.

The installation guide of the SIMULIA packages (SimuliaInstallationGuide.pdf) can be found directory AM_SIM_Abaqus_Extend.AllOS\1

Tosca 2019 can be installed with the suite installer. You can run the suite installer by running setup.exe in AM_SIM_Abaqus_Extend.ALLOS\1.

Do you need more info?

If you need more info about Tosca 2019 release, do not hesitate to contact us or write us an email to