Abaqus/Explicit: powerful explicit solver

Abaqus/Explicit is a general-purpose finite element program that employs explicit integration scheme to solve highly nonlinear systems with many complex contacts under transient loads. Abaqus/Explicit employs a solution technology particularly well-suited to simulate brief (high-speed) transient dynamic events such as consumer electronics drop testing, automotive crashworthiness, and ballistic impact. The ability of Abaqus/Explicit to effectively handle severely nonlinear behavior such as contact makes it very attractive for the simulation of many quasi-static forming events, such as rolling of hot metal, sheet metal forming, forging and slow crushing of energy absorbing devices. The use of small increments is advantageous because it allows the solution to proceed without iterations and without requiring tangent stiffness matrices to be formed. It also simplifies the treatment of contact.

The reliable explicit solver

Abaqus/Explicit is designed for production environments, so ease of use, reliability, and efficiency are key ingredients in its architecture.

Possible simulations

Abaqus/Explicit is suitable to analyze dynamic stress/displacement, steady-state transport, heat transfer, acoustic, Eulerian, coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian (CEL), discrete element, smoothed particle hydrodynamics, and annealing problems. Abaqus/Explicit supports general contact, a contact definition between all or multiple areas of the different bodies of an assembly.

Combination with Abaqus/Standard

The results at any point within an Abaqus/Explicit run can be used as the starting conditions for continuation in Abaqus/Standard. Similarly, an analysis that starts in Abaqus/Standard can be continued in Abaqus/Explicit. The flexibility provided by this integration allows Abaqus/Explicit to be applied to those portions of the analysis where high-speed, nonlinear, transient response dominates the solution; while Abaqus/Standard can be applied to those portions of the analysis that are well-suited to an implicit solution technique, such as static, low-speed dynamic, or steady-state transport analyses.

Abaqus/CAE support

Abaqus/Explicit is supported within the Abaqus/CAE modeling environment for all common pre- and postprocessing needs.

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