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HyperSizer Pro: the ultimate stress tool for aerospace and wind energy

From preliminary optimization for weight reduction and manufacturability to final design certification, the software uses the same analysis methods from beginning to end of the project, avoiding unexpected negative margins and weight growth. HyperSizer simultaneously analyzes and optimizes panel cross-section dimensions, materials, and stacking sequences for all load cases and failure modes. The analysis margins along with traceability details are exported to Word and Excel documents for certification reporting.

HyperSizer Pro Workflow

The global finite element model grids, elements, and properties are imported to define the geometry. Shell, beam, and solid elements are translated into structural components such as panels and joints, while the computed loads are extracted from the resulting FEA output files (support for Nastran, Abaqus, ANSYS, or OptiStruct). Once completed, the stress analysis can be performed for hundreds of load cases and for hundreds of failure analyses.

Stress Sizing

HyperSizer Pro specializes in stress sizing of 50+ different stiffened panel shapes and sandwich panels. Cross sectional geometry of stiffened panels are simultaneously optimized with the laminates’ ply stacking sequences or metal sheet thicknesses while considering manufacturing constraints.
Sizing is based on a broad and deep collection of failure analyses. By combining full-fidelity certification analysis with sizing optimization it is common to see 20% weight reductions maintained throughout the design maturation process going from PDR to CDR to part production.

HyperSizer Pro Sizing possibilities

The fast Rapid Sizing approach is particularly well suited to FEMs that do not discretely model stringers, allowing the software to explore different panel concepts and stiffener spacing.
With Detailed Sizing the panel concept and stiffener spacing is decided with discretely meshed stringers.
Both rapid and detailed sizing can optimize model stiffness distribution using nodal deflection and eigenvalue limits with Global FEA Constraints.
The stress certification generates Word and Excel stress reports with an emphasis on full analysis traceability for FAA certification.

4RealSim and HyperSizer

4RealSim is a Collier Distributor of HyperSizer in the countries France and the BeNeLux zone: Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.

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