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Simpack: leading multibody simulation technology

Simpack is a general purpose multibody simulation (MBS) software used for the dynamic analysis of any mechanical or mechatronic system. Engineers are able to generate and solve virtual 3D models in order to predict and visualize motion, coupling forces and stresses.

Simpack capabilities

Simpack is deployed in the complete frequency range from static and quasi-static investigations all the way through to full transient non-linear analyses, even within the acoustic range. Standard interfaces to finite element, control and hydraulic software codes, allow all influences on the system behavior to be taken into account. Not only can data from brand name codes be imported into the environment (e.g. CAD, FE, Control) but also from in-house codes, enabling full usability of design of experiments, batch jobs and even optimization of the entire system, within the environment.

Simpack’s solver is capable of handling “stiff” dynamic systems (i.e. metal to metal wheel/rail contact) and is uniquely suitable for shock contact (running over rail switches). These inherent assets enable the investigation of extreme transient phenomena within all application fields, e.g. gear changing, emergency breaking, loss of contact or play, etc. Besides taking internal dynamics and control into account, Simpack can also consider any external influences on the system, e.g. ground disturbances and aerodynamic loading.


Simpack is used for single component design and complete system analyses within the automotive, railway, engine, wind turbine, power transmission and aerospace industries.

Simpack portfolio

Simpack Pre uses the large variety of included modeling elements (e.g. bodies, joints, forces and excitations) to build models from the ground up.

The Simpack Solver enables users to carry out analyses in the time and frequency domain. Its strengths can be summed up in three words: accurate, fast and robust.

Simpack Post visualizes the obtained 2D plots, 3D plots, and 3D animations. An extensive library of filters enables easy data processing. User defined templates allow quick report generation and comparison of results.

Simpack Wizard enables the deployment of standardized models and analysis processes. Non-experts can carry out Simpack simulations and review the results without difficulty.

Furthermore, Simpack contains over 70 industry specific add-on modules.

4RealSim and Simpack

4RealSim is a SIMULIA reseller of the process integration and design optimization software Simpack in the countries Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg (BeNeLux).

Our team of 6 engineers are available to solve technical issues you might encounter when using Simpack or to provide class room trainings (in our office or at the customer site) and mentoring.

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