VCollab: 3D Visual Collaboration Solutions for CAE

VCollab extracts and compresses key results from CAD/CFD/FEA output and stores it in a neutral CAX file. This is a vendor neutral, common and ultra-compact 3D format for visualizing, interrogating, sharing, automated reporting, and archiving 3D CAE data and related 3D CAD geometry data.

CAX format

The VCollab solution begins with CAX, the first common, portable file format for sharing and storing CAE data. Using a refined data-extraction and data-reduction process, VCollab creates CAX files that are up to 99% smaller than native CAE files.

Format neutral

VCollab and the CAX file format is the single solution that unifies the complex array of simulation codes and formats currently in use today. One VCollab viewer and one common file format let users access a myriad of different CAE simulations and results as well as share, store, and collaboratively review extremely large CAE files.

VCollab advantages

A single standard file format (.cax) and single common lightweight viewer for all 3D CAE simulation models and analysis results.
The common cax format enables multi-physics visualization and postprocessing within a single web browser application. It is a single application that can be used to process and share information generated in different physics domains (e.g., fluids and structures) and by different software applications (e.g., Abaqus, Ansys Fluent, and NASTRAN).
CAE analysts as well as other consumers of simulation information do not have to learn how to use multiple post-processing tools or have access to native CAE licenses for those tools.
Ability to automate CAE results extraction, CAX annotations, and the creation of 3D CAE analysis reports by experienced analysts (e.g., viewpoints, multiple views, model comparison, results comparison).
Direct conversion of CAX data into 3D PDF, STL, VRML, and JT data formats thereby providing a wide range of options for users across enterprise disciplines to share, process, and unlock the potential of leveraging CAE data in many different application domains.
Collaboration with design engineers, analysis team managers, and senior engineering managers via an easy to use viewer.

4RealSim and VCollab

4RealSim is a Visual Collaboration Technologies Authorized Distributor of VCollab in the countries Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg (BeNeLux).

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