Abaqus price

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Why request an Abaqus price from 4RealSim?

4RealSim is the Dassault Systemes reseller in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg with a strong focus on SIMULIA Abaqus. Our team of 8 engineers has a strong technical knowledge on Abaqus and we have experience in almost every industry. Furthermore, our Abaqus customers can benefit from our direct Abaqus support line, assisting them to solve day-to-day problems.

Why Abaqus?

Abaqus is the nonlinear finite element analysis software, delivering accurate, robust, high-performance solutions for challenging nonlinear problems and routine design simulations.

Abaqus evaluation package

Are you totally new to Finite Element simulations, or does your current solution not suffice ? Then it is time to take advantage of the Abaqus evaluation package. Let's make the journey together and become successful with the nonlinear finite element solver Abaqus.