Analyse and optimize metallic and composite structures

Predict margins of safety

Couples with FEA (Nastran, Abaqus and ANSYS)

Hypersizer: Composite analysis & structural sizing

The HyperSizer solutions analyze and optimize metallic and composite structures. HyperSizer is coupled with FEA packages to predict and avoid critical failures with advanced metal and composite strength and stability theories simultaneously, while finding the lightest weight for your design, in the shortest amount of time.

Hypersizer advantages

Predict and avoid critical failures with advanced strength and stability theories simultaneously

For metallic and composite materials

Reduce weight, in the shortest amount of time

HyperSizer Express

The fastest way to design manufacturable and lightweight laminates that satisfy all analyses for all load cases in minutes. Simply import your FEM and the software guides you through a process to generate global plies according to manufacturability rules and failure analysis checks.

General composite (& metallic) structures

Organic Ply Shape Optimization

Easy to Use Laminate Optimization Software

Laminate Sequence Optimization

Discrete laminates

Zone- or ply-based

Tight Coupling With FEA

Composite Material Stress Analysis

HyperSizer Pro

From preliminary optimization for weight reduction and manufacturability to final design certification, the software uses the same analysis methods from beginning to end of the project – avoiding unexpected negative margins and weight growth.

Stiffened panels

Stress analysis

Metallic and composites

Sizing Optimization

Stress Reports

Certification Traceability

HyperSizer simultaneously analyzes and optimizes panel cross-section dimensions, materials, and stacking sequences for all load cases and failure modes. The analysis margins along with traceability details are exported to Word and Excel documents for certification reporting.

4RealSim: HyperSizer information

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4RealSim is a Collier reseller in Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the rest of Europe, with a strong focus on finite element analysis and optimization. Furthermore 4RealSim offers HyperSizer trainings and Finite Element consulting services.

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