A single standard file format (.cax)

Visualization within a single application

Automatic reportinging of your CAE results

Transform your data to other formats (3D PDF, jt, html)

VCollab: 3D Simulation Reports

With VCollab you can extract and compress your FEM results and store them in a neutral file called CAX. These CAX formats are neutral, common and ultra-compact, making them ideal for sharing with colleagues or customers, without the need of CAD/CAE software.

Main characteristics

A single standard file format (.cax)

Visualization within a single application

Automate reporting of your CAE results to PDF or html

Transform your data to other formats (3D PDF, STL, VRML, JT....)

Easy to use for inexperienced CAE users

VCollab in action?

Share simulation files with 4RealSim and obtain a demo cax file back to experience the power of VCollab.

VCollab advantages

LargeCAE files are reduced up to 99% for easier portability and visualization

Integrate CAE data with Simulation Data Management systems

VCollab's state of the art graphics offers faster post processing, leading to improved productivity for CAE analysts

Provides an easy to use 3D CAE Viewer to non-CAE experts to easily understand the FEA/CFD results

4RealSim: VCollab information

Contact 4RealSim via the contact form to obtain more information on VCollab.

4RealSim is a VCollab reseller in Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the rest of Europe, with a strong focus on finite element analysis and optimization. Furthermore 4RealSim offers VCollab trainings and Finite Element consulting services.

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