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HyperSizer Express: easy to use laminate optimization software

The fastest way to design manufacturable and lightweight laminates that satisfy all analyses for all load cases. Simply import your FEM and the software guides you through a process to generate global plies according to manufacturabilty rules and failure analysis checks. Your FEM is automatically updated with the sequenced plies and you can export this data to spreadsheets or into CAD such as CATIA.
Express provides the composite engineer an easy to use software interface along with robust optimization for strength, stability, and stiffness helping you to achieve the lightest weight and better performance.

HyperSizer Express Design Optimization

The interface quickly steps you through the process workflow. The process starts by importing a FEM and the computed stress resultants (element forces). You select the material, analyses to perform, and design criteria such as layup rules, and Express will automatically iterates with FEA (Nastran, Abaqus, ANSYS, Optistruct) to converge load paths and to resolve buckling and displacement stiffness constraints.
Express optimizes ply boundary patterns interactively. The user can trade weight vs. manufacturability in real-time by visualizing the proposed ply shapes on the mesh.
Once ply boundaries are established, the stacking sequence of the global laminate plies is optimized. At every step in the process, real-world design constraints are included such as: ply percentage limits, balance and symmetry, maximum adjacent plies, full assembly plies and reduced ply drops/adds.
Express satisfies all strength and closed form buckling failure criteria during the optimization. Additionally, Express can extract FEA eigenvalue solutions and identify which elements are in the buckling mode to stiffen just them. The user can also identify a displacement limit for any grid in the FEM.

HyperSizer Express Analysis Check

The interface quickly steps you through the process workflow. The laminates (for example, Nastran PCOMG or Abaqus General Section) and the material, along with the corresponding FEA forces, are imported. Afterwards Express displays controlling failure analyses, load cases, and critical safety margins.
For composite materials, Express offers strength failure criteria on the ply basis such as max strain, max stress, and Quadratic theories such as Tsai-Hill, Tsai-Wu, and physics based solutions such as Hashin and Puck. These can have ply based correction factors for their allowables. Laminate based failure criteria such as open hole compression (OHC), filled hole tension (FHT) are also provided. All allowable data can be defined as function of % 45° plies, or using the AML, or polynomial approach. Sandwich failure analyses are also provided such as max shear stress, facesheet wrinkling and dimpling. Metal analyses include Von mises yield, max principal stress, etc.

4RealSim and HyperSizer

4RealSim is a Collier Distributor of HyperSizer in the countries France and the BeNeLux zone: Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.

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