4RealSim Empowers Novostia’s Milestone Achievement in Cardiovascular Innovation

Revolutionizing Cardiovascular Care: Novostia’s TRIFLO Heart Valve Milestone

In a groundbreaking moment for cardiovascular care, Novostia proudly announces the successful implantation of its revolutionary TRIFLO Heart Valve in a human patient. This achievement, a testament to Novostia’s commitment to innovation, was made possible with the dedicated support of 4RealSim through advanced Finite Element and Computational Fluid simulations.

Novostia’s TRIFLO Heart Valve, a pioneer in aortic heart valve replacement, signifies a paradigm shift in heart valve disease treatment. Offering unprecedented improvements in blood flow dynamics and product longevity, the TRIFLO aims to eliminate the need for lifelong anticoagulation therapy, addressing patient concerns and enhancing overall quality of life.

4RealSim’s Integral Role

4RealSim played a pivotal role in supporting Novostia throughout the development process. Leveraging sophisticated Finite Element and Computational Fluid simulations, the 4RealSim team provided invaluable insights into the performance and effectiveness of the TRIFLO Heart Valve. This collaborative effort paved the way for Novostia to achieve its significant milestone – the first successful implantation in a human patient as part of the First-In-Human Clinical study PILATUS.

Endorsement from Prof. Kęstutis Ručinskas

Prof. Kęstutis Ručinskas, Head of Heart and Thoracic Surgery Centre of Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Klinikos, Lithuania, who led the clinical investigation and implantation procedure, expressed enthusiasm about the success. He highlighted the TRIFLO Heart Valve’s potential to change the landscape of aortic valve treatment.

Global Impact on Patient Well-being

The global impact of Novostia’s TRIFLO Heart Valve is poised to bring about a quiet revolution in the treatment of aortic heart valve replacement. Patients worldwide are anticipated to benefit from this disruptive technology, offering a new level of hope and improved quality of life for those with aortic stenosis and/or regurgitation.

Celebrating Success Together

As Novostia celebrates this milestone, 4RealSim continues to stand as a proud partner in their journey towards innovation and improved patient outcomes in the cardiovascular space. The collaboration between Novostia and 4RealSim exemplifies the power of technology and simulation in driving transformative advancements in medical science.
Join us in celebrating this remarkable achievement and the promising future it holds for cardiovascular care.

Find the official press release on the Novostia website.

About Novostia

Novostia is a privately held medical device company incorporated in 2017 in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, developing an innovative artificial heart valve. For more information, please visit the official Novostia website.

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