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Nonlinear FEA workshop

March 9, 2017 @ 10:00 – 17:00
Groene dijk 2b
3401 NJ IJsselstein
the Netherlands

Introduction to nonlinear FEA simulations

4RealSim welcomes you to attend a free one day workshop discussing the topic Nonlinear Analysis. During this event the participants are introduced to the world of nonlinear simulations and it is shown how realistic simulations can capture reallife phenomena. During the workshop the participants can perform various workshops to experience realistic simulations.

Intended for

  • Engineers interested in nonlinear Finite Element Analysis
  • Users of other FEA packages (CAD integrated or standalone) who are reaching their limits
  • R&D managers who want to understand the value of nonlinear simulations

Workshop program

1. Introduction to nonlinear FEA

What is Finite element, Material nonlinearity (metal, composites, rubber, …), boundary nonlinearity (contact), geometric nonlinearity (large displacements), dynamic analysis, implicit vs explicit solver, advanced nonlinear capabilities like CEL, SPH, XFEM, DEM, …

2. The nonlinear FEA workflow

Preparation of simulation model (pre-processing), running of simulation model (solving) and post-processing of results (post-processing)

3. Interpreting simulation results

The most difficult part in simulation is interpreting the simulation results. Our FEA engineers will give tips and tricks to gain thrust in your Finite Element results.

4. Hands-on sessions

Nonlinear static simulation, contact simulation, impact simulation.

Registration at is required