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Webinar – Structural- Acoustic Analysis using Abaqus

28 Mar, 2024 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am


For prospects in Belgium, Netherlands or Luxembourg –
Structural-acoustic interaction covers diverse application areas including noise transmission, radiation, acoustic attenuation or amplification. Abaqus integrates noise simulation within the finite element solver, allowing fully coupled structural-acoustic simulations to be performed within familiar Abaqus workflows.

Couple nonlinear structural analyses with linear acoustic analyses

Abaqus includes a number of capabilities in the area of structural-acoustic analysis. In addition to pure acoustic analysis features, Abaqus includes the capability to couple nonlinear structural analyses with linear acoustic analyses using several different methods. This seminar gives an overview what is possible with Abaqus to solve a wide range of acoustics problems.

  • Fast, advanced linear dynamics capability for acoustic and solid media
  • Acoustic finite elements and materials
  • Nonreflecting impedance and infinite elements for exterior and radiation problems
  • Boolean tools for meshing acoustic cavities
  • Fully coupled and uncoupled eigenanalysis
  • Fully coupled frequency response
  • Transient and time-harmonic (steady-state) analysis
  • Surface-based fluid-solid coupling
  • Acoustics in moving fluids
  • Adaptive acoustic meshes for large-deformation enclosures (tires, seals)

Abaqus acoustic examples

  • Abaqus coupled structural-acoustics capability is used to predict the noise radiated due to the vibration of an engine cover at various frequencies. Computationally efficient infinite acoustic elements are used to model the unbounded exterior air. The acoustic pressure is calculated at various excitation frequencies.
  • Simulating the effects of underwater explosions on ship and offshore structures presents several challenges: accurate application of loading from distant explosions, strong coupling effects between the water and the ship, the effects of cavitation, and often modeling the explosion itself. Underwater explosion simulation capability is provided by native functionality in Abaqus/Explicit.

Who should attend this event?

  • Engineers interested in structural-acoustic simulations
  • For engineers working in Belgium, Netherlands or Luxemburg



28 Mar, 2024
10:00 am - 11:00 am


Online via webinar