Geotechnical industry need for realistic finite element simulation

Construction projects for the geotechnical industry often involve earthwork, foundations, roads and tunnels. Designs of foundations and excavations require accurate analyses of soils and soil-structure interactions. Deformations in soils are affected by the flow of pore fluid in the soil and the implications of this coupled phenomenon need to be taken into account for design purposes. The interactions between the soil and the adjoining non-soil structures are also important aspects of the overall construction design.

Dassault Systemes SIMULIA solution

SIMULIA provides realistic simulation solutions that allow accurate predictions of soil deformations and soil-structure interactions. Time-dependent deformations including consolidation of the soil can be predicted accurately as the solution is based on a fully coupled system involving stress and pore fluid diffusion. Additionally, the contact between the soil and the adjoining structure satisfies fluid continuity and stress equilibrium simultaneously, resulting in rational predictions. Fully coupled transient or fully coupled steady-state analyses can be performed using a wide range of geotechnical material models and loading/boundary conditions, and the construction and excavation processes can be modeled through element addition and removal.

References in the geotechnical industry

Below you can find customer references for the architecture industry.

Abaqus at Dr. Sauer & Partners (UK)

Abaqus/CAE and FEA, from Dassault Systèmes’ SIMULIA, were used to perform all 3D numerical analyses ahead of the main tunneling works, handling large, complex geometries with ease. 3D modeling and simulation of the major construction sequences of excavation and lining installation gave engineers valuable insights into the effects of the work at each stage of the project.
Working with powerful SIMULIA tools helped Dr. Sauer and Partners improved simulation fidelity and save planning time. This enabled the company to push forward the approval process more vigorously and provide the highest quality of robust design to their clients.

4RealSim Consultancy

Our team is active in road joint, earthquake analyses, concrete and other simulations of the architecture industry.

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