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Abaqus development & support

The world is nonlinear: 8 benefits of using Abaqus

Benefit 7: Development & support

4RealSim has been providing many years of high level first-line support to their Abaqus customers. All of its engineers are Abaqus certified and recognized as experts by its customers.
4RealSim is in direct contact with the Dassault Systemes SIMULIA support team, to report software issues and to provide solutions to its customers.

Dassault Systemes SIMULIA keeps on developing the Abaqus software to make the solvers more robust, extensive and performant.
4RealSim also offers engineering services to automate simulation workflows or to expand the Abaqus software with customer required code.

Abaqus benefits

Abaqus Benefit 1: Abaqus nonlinear performance
Abaqus Benefit 2: Abaqus contact modeling
Abaqus Benefit 3: Abaqus efficient substructures
Abaqus Benefit 4: Abaqus multiphysics
Abaqus Benefit 5: Abaqus large deformation
Abaqus Benefit 6: Abaqus fracture and failure
Abaqus Benefit 7: Abaqus development & support

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