Abaqus large deformation

The world is nonlinear: 8 benefits of using Abaqus

Benefit 5: Large deformation

Abaqus is well suited to handle large deformations, which may occur in a wide variety of cases. As an example, high plastic deformation of metals or plastics is a possible form of large deformation. In this sense, large means so much permanent deformation that excess gross bulk deformation is visible. Strains are observed in the order of 50 to 100%. In this case, some applications of interest are metal forming (deep drawing, metal stamping, or hot rolling).
Crash tests (car, truck, train), airbag deployment or post-buckling behavior are other examples of large deformations. The basic Abaqus package proved to be well suited to manage all these cases, as again it originated as a nonlinear solver.
The Coupled Eulerian Lagrangian (CEL) approach is another effective way to handle large deformations. When using a Lagrangian description, the nodes are fixed to the material and the mesh might become distorted yielding high strain gradients. With the Eulerian description the nodes stay fixed while material flows through the mesh. To give some examples, the CEL method can be very useful for hydroplaning modeling (a combination of multiphysics and large deformations), or in hot forging modeling.
An alternative approach to CEL method is Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH). This is a mesh-free method, in which a body is represented through a discrete number of particles. Each particle is described using a smoothing function and is related to neighboring particles through this function. SPH is well suited for impact fracture (ballistics, shattering, fragmentation or spraying). The actual tearing or cracking of material is an extension of large deformation and is discussed below in the following section.

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